Standard Operating Procedure – Equipment repair and maintenance.

Cross Referencing: BSE SOP GUIDE

Purpose: Creating a process for repairing and maintaining equipment

Materials: Return Material Authorization (RMA), Original Equipment Boxes

Applications and Restrictions: Must have Customer Service authorization for any repairs.

ALL devices (BSE AESTHETIC MACHINES) must be serviced by the manufacturers.

Procedure Description: Repair and Maintenance

BSE AESTHETICS Pty Ltd recommends that authorized repair centres make all repairs on equipment. Repairs made by unauthorized personnel will invalidate your warranty. For product warranty information, please consult with your BSE AESTHETICS contact person.

Equipment is not operating as intended

  • Contact Customer Service to discuss the concern (+27791800926), and for troubleshooting to determine an appropriate correction.
  • Please be prepared to identify the equipment and describe the problem in detail.
  • You will be asked for the model and serial number when you call.
  • If necessary, the equipment will have to be sent to us, at the customer’s expense and you will be issued a Return Material Authorization (RMA) form from Customer Service, should one be needed.
  • Repairs can take up to 2 (two) weeks (14 working days), depending on what is to be done.
  • Repairs under warranty will be at manufacturer expense, however, should it be determined that said repair is due to negligence on the customer’s part, repairs will be charged for accordingly.

Shipping Information

  • Carefully pack the equipment in its original protective packaging materials. If you do not have the original box, you need to inform your sales representative as soon as possible.
  • Include the RMA# from the Return Material Authorization Form on the outside of the shipping container.

Ship to the following address:

Customer Service Department, Repairs
BSE Aesthetics Pty Ltd
10 Silveroaks Avenue
Cape Town 7580

Maintenance of equipment

  • Equipment quality control checks are done at time of manufacture
  • BSE Aestehtics Pty Ltd recommends that you establish and routinely service the machine by replacing the water in the cooling system with distilled water once a month.
  • If equipment malfunctions, has been dropped or damaged, or appears to be out of calibration, you must contact BSE Aesthetics Customer Service.

Warranty Information

  • If the item IS under warranty AND the repair is covered under the warranty, there is no charge for the repair service.
  • If the item is no longer under warranty, OR if the repair is not covered under the warranty, we will charge a fee for the repair.

For additional warranty information, please refer to your equipment sales agreement contract.